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Tuthill Family Farms is a fourth generation diversified farm in the heart of Illinois. A major piece of our farm is Purebred, registered Berkshire swine. While this site focuses on the swine, our farm also produces crops and cattle.


Tuthill Family Farms is a medium sized Berkshire farm located in Wyoming, Il. We are well respected within the industry and have competed and won at numerous national shows. Our main business, however, is the breeding and exporting of registered Berkshire breeding stock. Since 1999, we have exported boars and gilts to most pacific rim countries. We maintain several distinct sire lines that meet the needs of both commercial and purebred breeders worldwide. Our genetics have been used by respected universities and we maintain relationships with several academic professionals as consultants.


Our first goal for breeding quality Berkshire hogs is to incorporate high meat quality without sacrificing desirable carcass traits. Research and testing is the backbone of selecting for meat quality and cutabiIity. Tests sponsored by the American Berkshire Association, National Pork Producers Council, and Hormel Corporation are conducted every year to research meat quality traits and carcass yield in berkshire hogs. The data collected from these tests, along with selecting a function breeding animal, help us in striving to produce an ideal Berkshire breeding hog. We hope to meet your needs in selecting quality Berkshire hogs. Good selection is available year round. Call or email Randy Tuthill today.

Breeding quality Berkshire hogs since 1982

Reserve champion truckload at 2013 NBS.
6th place carcass rank over all purebreds and cross.
272 lbs .90 bf 7.59 lea FFL%57.46 carcass length 32.0

2014 Progeny Pen June test report: Big B 116-6 sire pen shows an ADG of 1.81 lbs/day. Tuthill pigs are proving they can jump up and grow.
Three time Super Sire Award winner. We received the Berkshire Super Sire Award back to back in 2012 and 2013. Only 2 Berkshire farms in the country received this award for 2012 and only three farms awarded in 2013. Awarded by the National Association of Swine Records, it is research data collected from sire line progeny weighted 90% on lean growth measures and 10% on eating quality measures.


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